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From booking systems to custom APIs and applications, we have experience using a variety of programming languages. We contribute to open-source projects and are also working on releasing some projects to public repositories so we can showcase our skills and allow others to benefit and expand from them. If you are looking for a custom CMS, we have a variety that could fit your needs – they differ in complexity and usability, and each one has it’s own target audience.

We have developed Chrome Extensions for businesses which depend on them for making everyday tasks easier and more efficient. 

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser with a 60% market share, so developing Chrome Extensions allows us to enable those users become more efficient in their workflow.

An example: a tool to switch easily between different versions of their website, allowing their teams to quickly switch, and also allowing them to change the country’s website they are viewing. This quickly spread through the company and is being used by senior management too.

A content management system (CMS) allows you to add content to anything it is integrated with – whether that be a website, mobile app, or anything else. The idea of a CMS is to make everything data-driven – whatever new content you add to it will update/appear on all the other platforms.


This is useful for businesses that have a lot of information to relay to their audience, and information that requires regular updates (more than once a day).


We have a range of CMS frameworks that could suit your needs, and we ensure our choice of CMSs integrate with any type of platform you choose.

Nothing ticked all the boxes?


Fear not… for we develop custom software in a choice of languages, depending on what the purpose is. We provide technical advice and guidance, and can work with your Business Analysts and Architects to create a solution to fit all.


If you are looking for a fully custom solution and you’d like advice, we can help with this.

Do you have to manually do tasks which can take up time and lower your productivity rate?


Some tasks can be automated. We can create PowerShell or Bash scripts for you to automate tasks, either with a manual trigger or on a schedule.

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Cloud Hosting

Applications are lightninng fast when hosted on the cloud, ensuring automatic security updates and ease-of-use.


Our applications are built with integration as a key feature to allow expansion of legacy systems whilst allowing newer systems to operate correctly.


The sky is the limit here - you have full control of what features you'd like to see in your application and we are not afraid to try new things.


Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Extension Development

from £899
  • Based on your requirements
  • Documentation included
  • Documentation included
  • Aftercare and support packages available*
  • Optional Extras


CMS with customisation

from £2999
  • Based on your requirements
  • Hosting options available
  • Customisations based on your needs
  • Standard documentation included
  • Aftercare and support packages available*
  • Optional Extras


Custom software written for you

from £4999
  • Based on your requirements
  • Hosting options available
  • Detailed requirements gathering
  • Documentation included
  • Aftercare and support packages available*
  • Optional Extras
*For custom applications, pricing varies depending on user/business requirements and also resources required to run and host.​

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