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Showing the right content on different pages is important to get your customers’ attention, whether this is on landing pages, product listing page, or product detail pages. We create widgets for you to insert into your existing eCommerce platform that can capture your customers’ attention at the right time in their user journey, allowing the potential to increase conversion value. 


Showing banners on the homepage means your customers will instantly see this when your website loads – this sort of banner creates a sense of urgency and is sure to increase click rates and conversions!

Landing Pages

Landing pages often link to other pages which refine items your customers are looking for – we can make these pages interactive by creating a widget that shows off your new fashion trends!

Product Listing Pages

On product listing pages, customers use the boring sorting/filtering faceted search which can sometimes be a pain – why not try a new, innovative way of searching by trying different search strategies rather than ticking boxes? We can make use of your existing filters and create a new component that sits on top of, or replaces, the existing filters.

Product Detail Page

Ah, yes; the final page where the decision is made – to buy, or not to buy? Shall I add it to my bag? Why not show your customers something similar to what they are looking at? Or maybe show them a similar, premium range? A nice way of representing this is in the form of a carousel which takes them to another product page – or we can add a quick buy feature – the possibilities are endless!

Shopping Bag

Most customers will check their shopping bag before they proceed to checkout – a prompt reminder to ask if they’ve forgotten anything can maybe encourage them to add another item or two to their bag… it’s like when you go to the supermarket, and they have chewing gum amongst other small items at the checkout!

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