Most frequent questions and answers

Generally, we include the domain name as part of our packages, however some domain names are premium and are therefore not included. This will be clarified with you upon the initial discussion prior to commencing a project.

Our packages come with free hosting for the first 12 months which includes 1 email addres with a 2GB inbox limit, and hosting for the website. After this period there is an annual fee of £60 payable annually.

Our websites are fully responsive – if you are using a laptop/PC, adjust your window size – you will notice how all the elements change size to fit the page yet they still look so good. This applies to mobile as well, especially mobile – did you know 70% of traffic to a website is from a mobile device? Interesting… best make sure it’s responsive!

We will set up the email addresses for you on as many devices as you would like. Each email addess has an inbox limit of 2GB and this cannot be changed – always ensure you are careful of what emails you open!

SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer, and HTTPS is an acronym for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure and these are a form of verification to allow users to be able to trust the website they are visiting. You will notice most websites have a green padlock in the address bar – this is what you need to be authentic and to prevent attacks on the website. We highly recommend this as an extra, if not already included in your chosen package.

Fear not… we have this covered too. Depending on what you require, we can tailor the package to suit you and potentially include these extras as part of it. We like to give to our clients and go the extra mile!

We always recommend you inform the current hosting provider/registrar that you may be switching to a new hosting provider with ourselves. To transfer a domain from one provider to another, they will be required to change the domain IPS tag to 1AND1 – this is a very simple process and most companies will honour this without charging you. It takes a few clicks to initiate and is completed in usually 24 hours or less. We can assist with this process if you need help.

All of our websites have monitors keeping an eye on performance and uptime – if your website does go down for any reason, we will be notified almost instantly and will rectify this quickly. Our hosting provider has a 99.9% uptime rate and we have never experienced issues with them. We use the highest performance tier of hosting so rest assured, it is unlikely for this situation to arise.

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